Voyageur 4G Internet Access Card
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Locations for Purchasing Voyageur 4G Internet Access Card: Locations of Asia Pacific Telecom Store in Airport
Asia Pacific Telecom
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Immigration Area

Terminal 2- 2F



Immigration Area

Product Category Free Talk/ SMS Mobile Internet Discounted Price
4 Days NTD$50 4 Days unlimited Access NT$230
4 Days NTD$100 4 Days unlimited Access NT$300
6 Days NTD$50 6 Days unlimited Access NT$250
6 Days NTD$300 6 Days unlimited Access NT$500
8 Days NTD$80 8 Days unlimited Access NT$450
11 Days NTD$100 11 Days unlimited Access NT$500
15 Days NTD$400 15 Days unlimited Access NT$1,000
Charged Fees for Domestic Calling
Item Intra-network Extra-network Fixed-line Telephone
Voice Message NT$3 (per minute)
SMS NT$1 (per message) NT$2 (per message) NT$5 (per message)
APN Setting for Mobile Internet


Settings-->Mobile Data-->Mobile Data Network-->APN-->gtnet


Settings-->Wireless & networks-->More-->Mobile networks-->Access Point Names-->gtnet

Mobile Internet: According to your purchase, Internet access is effective throughout the time period. For example, if you buy a 4 days unlimited access plan, Internet access will be effective for 96 hours after the activation and provisioning date. During this period, mobile data usage will not be additionally charged.


  1. The series of product indicated above include "Free Talk Time" and "Unlimited Internet Access". At the end of service, unused amount of free talk time shall not be refunded or transferred to other cell phone number. In addition, free talk time is only limited to the phone number that does not have any balance for calling or sending SMS, and the balance of plans indicated above will turn into zero when the effective period is expired.
  2. The series of prepaid mobile card indicated above can only be used in Taiwan and its outlying islands.
  1. 4G LOVE prepaid mobile card provides only 015 Econimic International Direct Dialing Service. The fees will be charged according to the 015 Tariff Sheet. If you would like to use the service, please dial "015" + "Country Calling Code" + "Area Code" + "Phone Number".
  2. 4G LOVE airport prepaid mobile card is effective starting from the activation date for 4 days/ 6 days/ 8 days/ 11 days/ 15 days. After the effective period is expired, the purchased plan will be automatically cancelled.
  3. Unused amount of free talk time shall not be refunded or transferred to other cell phone numbers of Asia Pacific Telecom, and the balance of plans will turn into zero when the effective period is expired.
  4. Users are allowed to deposit a sum of money during the effective period; however, it shall be used before the expiration date. If the effective period is expired, it will be impossible to postpone.
  5. 4G LOVE airport prepaid mobile card is limited to domestic use and Internet APN.
  6. According the the regulations stipulated by National Communications Commission (NCC), please provide the Asia Pacific Telecom two different identity documents when applying for prepaid cards. Please complete all data fields indicated in the application form in order to protect your rights.
  7. If there are any changes in contents of product, the announcement on official website shall prevail. Asia Pacific Telecom preserve the rights to change the contents of product at any time. Please understand the contents of product will be changed in the future without further notice. We thank you for the support and cooperation.